Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Love for the vibrant variety of life.

Art, good food, and nature promise countless moments of wonder, delectation and invigorating outdoor experiences. Klagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia located on Lake Wörthersee, invites you to set out on a journey of discovery that will captivate each and every one of your senses.

Foto: Franz Gerdl

From the silence of the forest to the jubilant excitement of major sporting events, from splashing your feet in a lake filled with the purest water imaginable to the bustling activity of the marketplace, and from the chink of glasses raised in welcome to boisterous laughter that comes straight from the heart: Klagenfurt, the city of Ingeborg Bachmann and Robert Musil, is a place to experience the essence of joie de vivre, in every manifestation, in all aspects of life, in its boundless diversity.

Foto: Helge Bauer

Strolling and Chillin'

People often refer to Carinthia's provincial capital as the “Renaissance Jewel on the Wörthersee”. Around 500 years ago, Italian architects created much of the city we know today, including palais, inner courtyards and beautiful plazas. Klagenfurt lovingly nurtures its past: One reason a jury of international experts awarded the city the coveted Europa Nostra Diploma on three separate occasions for its exemplary efforts to preserve the historical district.

Any stroll through the city also promises an escape from the grey daily routine. Designer boutiques and department stores entice you to treat yourself to a fun-filled shopping expedition, while cafes, inns and specialty restaurants invite you to sit down, relax and dedicate some time to “the finer things”. If you have ever spent part of a sunny spring, summer or autumn day in one of the many outdoor restaurants on the historical Alter Platz in the heart of the Old City, you will understand precisely what we mean when we talk about “chillin'”.

Foto: Musilmuseum

Discover and Experience

As the town where world-famous novelist Robert Musil and author Ingeborg Bachmann were born, Klagenfurt invites its guests to discover the life and works of these legendary literary figures. Locations where the authors lived, learned and worked help us to grasp their achievements even better.

The highlight of the year in culture is undoubtedly the Festival of German-Language Literature which includes award of the highly coveted Ingeborg Bachmann Prize. As part of the side program for this major event, public spaces in Klagenfurt are turned into stages and, amid the pulsating life of the city itself, unexpected aspects of the two's achievements are revealed to us, sparking our desire to read even more.

Foto: Gernot Gleiss

Culture at its finest in the city – nature at its most beautiful right at our doorstep

Whether hiking on the Kreuzbergl or swimming in the gloriously pure waters of the Wörthersee: In Klagenfurt, it is just a matter of a few steps from a pulsating urban setting to the peaceful green of the forests or the gently undulating turquoise of the lake.  The Europapark with its adventure playground is a unique recreation area that borders right on one of the biggest inland swimming beaches in Europe.

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