The story of the Tonhof is closely intertwined with the legendary artistic couple Maja and Gerhard Lampersberg. At the Vienna Artclub the two of them got to know a young Thomas Bernhard, inviting him to visit them at their country home.

The curtain was ultimately raised in the barn of the Tonhof in 1960, after which the Tonhof became more and more established as a literary lusthaus for the Viennese avant-garde: Thomas Bernhard, H.C. Artmann, Christine Lavant and Gerhard Ruhm were some of its prominent guests.

With the death of composer Gerhard Lampersberg in 2002, quiet returned to the Tonhof. But today, the Tonhof is being “played” once again, presenting theatrical productions, readings, concerts and more.

© Stefan Schweiger

Trigonale 2016

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